Sholly Creative, Inc.

Email Marketing Design and Automation

Better Notification Emails

Looking to design a more engaging notification style email, this design took a simple list of information and turned it into a visually engaging and colorful layout. Also easily adjusted for white labeling, for supporting multiple brands.

Out’n About Email Automation

Out’n About! for Outlook is a in/out status board software that integrated with Outlook. Prospective clients can sign up for a fully functional free trial, and are automatically placed into a marketing automation drip campaign. Upon signup, they receive a welcome email with the most important information. Then a series of 3-5 follow up emails to ensure engagement and to provide convenient links to support information. Content is most important, and the design reflects this. Simple, to the point, and easily scanable with large colorful headers.


Real Estate Email Design

Some content has been made generic, at request of client.

Email Invoice/Confirmation Email

RSS-to-Email with MailChimp

A prominent book author and blogger wanted to reduce their workload, without sacrificing email subscriber engagement. At the beginning and end of every week, their subscribers are automatically notified of the week’s blog posts. Emails match the look and feel of the website.

In addition, these are segmented by interest and geography to avoid subscriber fatigue and provide relevant and timely content.