Sholly Creative, Inc.

The Simpler Way to Rebuild Native Modules in Electron

This issue has plagued me more than I care to admit. Since Electron is developing at a furious rate, you may have a new Electron version to compile to every few days it feels. Each time they update something in the core, you'll have to recompile any native modules that your project might be using. In my case, I was using paulcbetts/node-system-idle-time. Each time I upped the Electron version, I would get 5 different compile, node, or app errors. Just Rebuild they say... When in doubt, run electron-rebuild they say. Use node-pre-gyp. Set a few environmental variables. None of these…

From Designer to Developer Part 1

Hello Internet! Quick introduction, my name is Mitchell Sholly and I recently started a small creative agency in Irvine California called Sholly Creative, Inc. Original I know. I was always a designer at heart. As a business major, I was much more interested in designing the letterhead or logo of in-classroom fake company, than anything else. (more…)